All the things to do in Bremen

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Your Bremen

We're gonna show you where this Hanseatic city rocks, feasts, enjoys culture and cranks it up!

Welcome to the Hanseatic city of Bremen, the second largest city in northern Germany. Whoever doesn't yet know Bremen will be surprised by how much this city has to offer. There's culture, events, monuments , great restaurants, pubs and loads of flair.

01 Bremen inspires

In our opinion, Bremen doesn't even have to work hard to fascinate. With its original buildings the cityscape offers a homelike atmosphere right away. It doesn't lack in landmarks either. In addition to the Bremen City Musicians Statue, there's also the 600 year old city hall and the Bremen Roland, which have both been proclaimed as UNESCO world heritage. Bremen's marketplace is known as one of the most beautiful ones in Germany and the 'Schnoor' which is a medieval quarter with many narrow alleys, let's you peak into a time that has long been gone. No cars, no hustle and bustle, it has a different pace than in the rest of the city.

02 Bremen is kicking it off:
The top events in the Hanseatic city

Bremen rocks. That's a fact. Here you can party all year long, there's one event after the other: music festivals such as the Hurricane in Scheeßel, Maritime week or sportsevents like Bremens Sixdays, the Bremen Marathon and the Passion Sports Convention. The partying happens at 'Freimarkt' and the 'Osterwiese', while the Open Air Cultfestival Breminale offers a cultural program. An additional guarantee for the best entertainment is the event calendar of the ÖBV-Arena with the neighbouring Convention Centre and Congress Centre Bremen. By the way, all of these are in walking distance from prizeotel Bremen-City.

Feel like a place with some port romantic and an industrial feeling? Then check out the event calendar for Pier 2.
Calendar for Pier 2

'Freimarkt' amusement park

Next date: 19th of October to 4th of November 2017

Bremen also has a fifth season, it's called 'Freimarkt' where for 17 days in October there is all kinds of craziness taking place on the 'Bürgerweide'. In a positive way, of course! Every year about 4 million visitors come to the 'Freimarkt' and each year we are also thrilled by the colourful Kirmesflair. The good thing is that you're literally sitting in the front row, since our prizeotel Bremen-City is across from the 'Bürgerweide'. Just a few steps and you find yourself surrounded by rides decorated with flashing lights, yummy food stands and loads of people that are in a good mood. For whoever all of this might be a little bit too much commotion, you can view all of the happenings from our rooftop terrace while relaxing. By the way that's also the best spot to watch the gigantic 'Freimarkt' fireworks.

The top attraction in the fifth season of the year is the 'Freimarkt'-parade which always takes place on the second Saturday during 'Freimarkt'. Around 200.000 People are divided into countless groups and floats turn the city centre into one big party full of costumes, marching bands and acrobats. Our small tip: don't use your car that day to go into the city. Our team at the reception will gladly inform you on how to get to the centre by foot or using public transport.


Next date: 23rd March to 8th April 2018

After a long winter the 'Osterwiese' invites you from the 23rd of March until the 8th of April 2018 to celebrate at the 'Bürgerweide'. This spring festival rocks for 16 days, offering terrific rides, delicious foods from all over the world and fantastic fireworks. And the best thing about it is that prizeotel Bremen-City lies just in front of the Osterwiese.

03 experience Bremen

Bremen is worth visiting for more than just a weekend, it pays off to come here every once in a while. There are great museums to explore. But not those boring ones, much rather the real exciting type. Such as the spectacular Universum, where it's not all about looking at something, but rather actively participating and exploring it on your own. Or the Übersee Museum, our secret weapon against wanderlust.
We like those two museums so much, we dedicated each one of them its own article - just click on the link to find out more!

You can find even more arts and culture on the Böttcher Street, the home to various museums. Nature lovers on the other hand, should definitely go and check out the Bürgerpark near the train station. It's Bremen's green heart and with some animal cages and a boat rental, it's the perfect place to hang out. If you want more, there's no less than 18 nature reserves all around Bremen. It won't get much greener than this!

Bremen eignet sich auch super, um sich einfach treiben zu lassen
oder einen Kneipenbummel zu starten.
Wir stellen vor:

The Viertel ('quarter')

With the name of our most lively district we, the people from Bremen, keep it easy. We simply call it the Quarter. Here the 'Ostertor' and the 'Steintor' unite and become a creative mix of cafés, restaurants, bars, a shopping street and cultural hotspots. Turning it into 24/7- it's a something for everbody type of quarter with the typical Bremen architecture and international variety all in one - all of this in a very charming way. The perfect zone for everybody who feels like shopping, going to the cinema, theatre or bars and enjoying the handcrafts and nightlife.

The Bermuda Triangle

Technically speaking the Bermuda Triangle is a part of the Quarter. Only here, the bars are very close to each other. In between Fehrfeld and Römerstraße there's a lot of partying and dancing going on. A few have surely gotten lost in this zone before.

The 'Schlachte'

Whoever wants to enjoy their drink at the seafront, can make their very own experience in Bremen at the 'Schlachte'. That's the promenade located by the river Weser and within the heart of the city, it's hard to top that atmosphere with all of the restaurants and bars. During the day or night, inside or out, all of Bremen comes here to stroll, check out the boats, eat, chitchat and party.

The Neustadt or Newcity

The Quarter now has competition, Neustadt is buzzing. Here you can find a new and different area filled with bars and culture, a very laid-back nightlife. Many bars and pubs have opened up around the Gastfeldstreet, furthermore there are some hip and stylish burger places. The spaces in between are filled with lots of culture: pop-up-stores, live music, lectures. At the moment Neustadt is our favourite part of the city.

You can find more infos & tips about Bremen
and further top locations on our Blog.

Arts and Culture Express

The Theatre at Goethesquare

The Bremen Theatre is so much more than just a stage. It is known as ''a public space of aesthetics and political thinking about problems, risks, freedom and moments of happiness through experiences in a modern metropole''. The Bremen Theatre's program presents the four arts: music, theatre, drama and dance, as well as kids and youth theatre. The performances take place at four different locations, the Theatre at the Goetesquare, the 'Kleines Haus', the 'Moks' and the 'Brauhauskeller'. The biggest one of these locations is the Theatre at the Goethesquare which was built in 1913 and seats 802 people.

It's worth it

Each season the program includes more than 30 premieres with 600 performances as well as concerts and parties. Direct dialogue with the audience at the introductions of the plays and some talks after the performances are a special feature.

Ticket office of the Theatre Bremen

Goetheplatz 1-3
28203 Bremen

The Art Gallery Bremen

Masterpieces from over 700 years of art history can be found and admired in this 160 year old remodeled building which is situated at the edge of the 'Wallanlagen' right next to the Theatre at the Goethesquare. Over the years, the collection has grown to include exquisit works of art by famous artists such as Dürer, Monet and Picasso, as well as the largest copper engraving printing shop in all of Germany.

Due to various exhibitions over the last couple of years, the Art Gallery Bremen has become one of Germany's most significant art museums. Moreover, it is also the only museum nationwide to offer a wide spectrum of art collections from the 14th to the 21st century which is privately financed. The Art Gallery has been cultural heritage since 1977.

When you visit the Art Gallery, in case you're wondering who the four guys are in the entry hall, may we present: Raphael, Michelangelo, Dürer and Rubens, crafted by sculptor Adolph Steinhäuser.

Art Gallery Bremen

04 Restaurants and bars

Food, drinks, fun - are simply part of a trip. We know our way around Bremen quite well and we gladly share our insider tips with You. We put together some more suggestions on our Blog for You. One more thing: Your well being is our top priority. That's why we don't only have a super delicious all-you-can-NEVER-eat-breakfast buffet awaiting you at our Bremen-City prizeotel, but also lots of snacks & drinks.


At Vango one thing counts: A head start through tomatoes. Here they do it without meat. The vegetarian and vegan meals connect western culinary culture and specialities from other countries. Everything is freshly made, also to go and for that extra boost of vitamines, they also serve freshly pressed juices. The menu is constantly changing and offers, in addition to soups and pasta, interesting curries. The ambiance has a touch of countryside charme - a little bit rustic, decorated with some odds and ends and therefore quite homey. A cool alternative, even if youre not a 'Veggie'. You can find the Vengo in the Quarter.

Vengo – the veggie kitchen

Ostertorsteinweg 91
28203 Bremen


Fine Pacific Cuisine, that's Toshidos promise. They also like emphasizing on being different. Different, because it's smaller, more personal, more creative. It's true, the Toshido is quite small, offering space for about 20 guests. Therefore in a quite stylish way with a view of the Sushi-chef. As a matter of fact the ambient is different, it is wonderful! The Sushi creations are absolutely extraordinary and exceptional combinations of European, Pacific, and Far Eastern influences are found. Fantasy is valued as one of the most important characteristics of a good Sushi-chef at the Toshido, that's why Sushi can be presented in various unusual shapes and forms. Warm with meat or acompanied by a sauce. The Toshido is not exactly low priced, but it is definitely worth a visit and every single Euro is well spent there.


Schnoor 38
28195 Bremen

The Mill in Bremen

The Mill can look back at a history of a 100 years. It is the only one of the six mills at Bremens Wallanlagen that has been preserved. But without any doubt, it also went through rough times. Fire, WWII and changing owners. Nowadays the Mill doesn't grind wheat anymore, but coffee! Culinarily speaking, you can treat yourself all day long at the Mill. The breakfast buffet, lunch and afternoon menus and of course, dinner attract people to go there. There's a large selection which also includes regional specialities. We especially like the fact that you can order many dishes in a 'tasting size'. Our tip: choose a table in the Mill's garden.

The Mill

Golden City Harbour Bar

The Golden City is a temporary harbour bar in the middle of a newer area called 'Überseestadt' at the European Harbour in Bremen. It's only open during the summer months, but when it is, they offer a great program of events. The Golden City for sure has one thing: and that's humour. Starting with the design which mostly consists of planks and juice barrels on the ceiling. But nobody cares too much about that - by the time the sunsets, this location has a stupendous flair. The Golden City has developed into a hot spot – down-to-earth, cool, unconventional and a great bargain. As a mixture between bar and stage, it is for sure unique to Bremen. All of the infos about the events, advanced bookings and opening hours can be found on the amusing homepage.

Golden City – Temporary Harbour Bar

Ludwig-Franzius-Platz 1
28217 Bremen

Port Piet

At Port Piet everything is laid-back, it's all about relaxing and dining directly by the water. The comfortable summer garden lies by the Torf Harbour with a view of the 'Bürgerpark'. Beer garden styled furniture offers enough space for the whole family or gives you the chance to chat with other guests. Whoever wants to chill even more, can grab one of the comfortable loungers and watch the water flow by.

There are concerts and other events on a regular basis at Port Piet, you can find the program on their facebook page. Whoever feels like some activity after a meal - they have yummy salads, paninis, tartes and more - can borrow one of the games. The games in their repertoir are stilts, frisbees, chess, diabolo or kubb. If you're with a group larger than 20 people, you can also book a barbecue night at Port Piet.

Caution: Port Piet is only open in the months from April until October, only with good weather conditions.

Port Piet

Torfhafen/Ecke Bürgerpark
28215 Bremen