ÖVB Arena Bremen

ÖVB Arena

The location in Bremen for every type of big event

Without wanting to praise ourselves, we must say that we´ve built our prizeotel Bremen-City at an awfully clever location. Not only are the 'Bürgerweide' with such great events as the 'Freimarkt' or the 'Osterwiese' right at our front door, but the ÖVB Arena is also next to the Convention Hall and the Congress Centre Bremen. You don´t have to worry about finding a parking spot or high cab costs. You can just quickly walk over.

By the way: If it´s not during the 'Freimarkt' or 'Osterwiese' there is enough parking on the Bürgerweide
for any event directly in front of the hall.

Live culture in the north

The ÖVB Arena is a real all-rounder. From big sports events such as the Bremen Six Day Race or the national basketball league, to soccer, tennis, dance, motorcross and equestrian sport, You´ll find it all here. And the rest of their program is just as varied offering concerts, symphonies, magicians, and big staged family shows. Inside the Convention Hall there are big events such as the HanseLife, fleemarkets, exhibitions and conventions. When the arena is fully booked, up to 14.000 visitors can fit inside. And it´s well equipped for such large crowds, there are plenty of food stands, a large area for coat checks and restrooms, modern access ways and elevators suited for disabled.

ÖVB Arena & Convention Hall Bremen

Findorffstraße 101
28215 Bremen