Universum Bremen

Universum Bremen

The most exciting museum in the Hanseatic city

Take a look at the Universum. And we´re not talking about looking up into the sky, but rather at the great interactive adventure museum Universum in Bremen. It´s even worth a visit if you just see the outside of the building. It´s like a giant whale covered in 40.000 stainless steel plates, sparkling in the sun. On the inside the visitors are on an exciting journey throughout the world of science.

The Universum covers three subject areas technology, man and nature, an outside area with the themes water and wind, and the kids area with a milky way theme as well as a café and a restaurant. Connected through a passage way, you can continue into the Science Centre and the discovery park – here there are special exhibits on a regular basis. And then there´s also the window to the sky in the tower of air 27 meters above the ground where you have a great view of Bremen and can also discover more exhibits there.

Science –> knowledge

Almost everybody knows how hard it can be to learn something in theory while it´s often easy to learn by doing. At the Universum more or less everything is hands-on. At about 300 exhibits you can dive into science and experience it up close. Stopping lightning, creating clouds, overcoming gravity or playing against a robot – everything is possible!

The subject of technology explains fascinating things about every day objects, how they work and gives answers to all kinds of questions!

There´s a lot to learn about yourself and the human body in the section devoted to mankind. How the body works, thinks and acts gives an overall concept. How do the senses work and how can I trick them? Only one of the many questions the visitors at the Universum will find answered.

The subject Nature can be discovered in many differnet ways. Natural phenomenas are explained and very simple questions are answered: Why is grass green?

Science show with an entertainment factor

Another highlight are the science shows that take place outside in good weather conditions - daily at 12am and at 3pm. You´ll become a witness of fascinating experiments. And will also be asked to resolve scientific phenomenas.

Einstein junior

In the Milky Way kid´s section children from the ages of 3 to 8 years can discover the world their own way, building bridges, towers and houses and they can let their exploring spirit all out in 25 exhibits.

Universum Bremen