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Universum Bremen


The Bremen Universum isn’t located on the Milky Way, but in Wiener Straße, in close proximity to the university. And although it doesn’t have unlimited space, it offers unlimited knowledge.

The Bremen Universum is a hands-on experience museum, an interactive science exhibition, where visitors are encouraged to not only look at the 250 exhibits but also try them out.

The huge whale

The huge whale

From the outside, the Universum looks like a cross between a huge whale and a mussel, covered with 40,000 stainless steel panels and designed by Thomas Klump Architects. The museum was opened in September 2000. Since then, it has housed a permanent exhibition with three topic areas: people, Earth and cosmos.

The Universum was expanded in 2007: on the opposite side of the road (connected with a footbridge), a lot of so-called interactive stations were built in the Science Center and the Entdecker-Park. Exciting and interesting special exhibitions are displayed here.


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