Jobs FAQ

Any questions? Here´s the answer:

Your way to team prizeotel

What qualifications do I need to work at prizeotel?

You have to match us! No more, but also no less: Whether you speak five languages or not is less important than having the right frills. This means: You don't need any previous knowledge. Anything you need to know, we can teach you.

I never worked in the hotel business, can I still apply?

Yeah, sure! Why not?

Can I do my hotel apprenticeship at prizeotel?

Yes, definitely! Simply contact us!

When is the application deadline for my apprenticeship?

We do not have a closing date for applications! Send us your documents when it suits you. And if it fits, you start.

Can I do an internship at prizeotel?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Whether it's a compulsory internship at a secondary school or a study-related internship or just to "try out" - we are the right place for you and we will give you an insight into the world of Economy Design hotels.

I am a graduate - are there any jobs for me?

I'm sure we have something for you. Just send us your documents and interests. Then we talk about your possibilities at prizeotel.

I would like to do a dual course of studies - is that possible?

At the moment we do not yet have this. Sorry sorry.

Can I also apply on my own initiative?

Sure - initiative is always good. Maybe we just have a suitable position for you. Just give it a try. Send us an email to [email protected]. We will get back to you in any case!

Your application

Which application documents do I have to submit?

Quite simple: A cover letter, your CV, your references and a photo of you. It's best to do it all directly online by clicking on an open job. Or just send an email to [email protected]. And forget about formal language! We are quite easy-going with each other – and so ist he application procedure.

How long does it take to get an answer to my application?

You will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately. And it could take a couple of days to look at everything. But we will definitely contact you, no worries!

How does the application process work?

Smooth: Submit documents, receive confirmation of receipt and wait briefly until we have read everything. If it suits us, we'll skype, and then it'll be great: You arrive one day in advance, stay with us for the night with breakfast and without payment and then we'll talk: You and a couple of prizeotel team members. And if you like us and we like you too, you can start :-)

Who is my contact person for applications?

Our Support Office is there for you. For applications please contact Karin. Contact details: [email protected]

How we work

What so different about prizeotel?

Pretty much everything: from the rooms to your colleagues. We firmly believe that work should be fun. And that makes us different from other hotels in all areas: Flat hierarchies are no empty promise for us and we leave the work we can leave to technology and apps. Generally speaking, we are rather relaxed on the road. That's why we don't have to pretend anything. We are as we are: open and friendly.

What are the working hours at prizeotel?

Regulated! And flexible: If you need special working time models, just contact us and we will look for a solution. Most of the time we find one.

How high is my salary at prizeotel?

Not fair, but far better! All of our team members receive a salary above the collectively agreed salary. Exact arrangements can be made with your contact person in the Support Office.

What you get

What are the benefits of working at prizeotel?

No hierarchy and more: -) in the job! Except us, there is no such thing in the hotel indusrty! And of course we have trainings, coaching and workshops for you and a lot of perspectives for your future - also internationally in the Radisson Hotel Group.

Is there any corporate education?

Yes! Every team member can participate in trainings, coaching and workshops. For example, there  is the prizeotel Brand Ambassador training. Education is good!

What career opportunities does prizeotel offer?

Lots of things. First of all: We have no hierarchies and no superiors. This means that you are directly involved with responsibility. But don't worry: We will of course support you in whatever you do! In our specially designed Team Development Program you geht ideal support in your own personal development and goals. And if there are any new plans for you at some point, let us know. By joining the Radisson Hotel Group, we also have international career prospects.