"Grossmarkt" Hamburg and the Mehr! Theater

'Großmarkt' Hamburg and More! Theatre

More! Theatre and more events

We think that Hamburg's Großmarkt is super! Not only is the architecture and diversity unique, but it also offers a sheer, never-ending program of events and gives Hamburgs biggest theatre a home. The best thing is that it´s just a few steps from the prizeotel Hamburg-City. The Hamburg Harley Days, international top stars, musicals or the food market are right in front of our door – honestly, that´s pretty hard to top.

More veggies, More! Theatre

It´s can get quite fresh up in the north, the weather man makes sure to remind us of that daily. But it´s even fresher at the Großmarkt. Restaurants and retailers exclusively buy fruits, vegetables, flowers, and numerous other goods from the region and from everywhere around the world.

So far so good, but how does that impact You? It´s simple: Lots of entertainment and fun! In the last few years, the Großmarkt has been turning into a top location for many events. It starts with the fact that Hamburg's biggest theatre is located in the exact middle of the Großmarkthalle which is a protected historical site. By the way, it´s the only theatre in the world inside of an existing food market. The More! Theatre at the Großmarkt offers space for an audience of up to 3500 people. The stage varies from an area of 320 square metres up to 1.440 square metres and is used for many differnt kinds of productions. Therefore the More! Theatre has a very diverse program. From international pop stars, mega shows, musicals, ballets to ice shows, there is everything here!

You are what you eat!

You can find the German museum of food additives on the site of the Großmarkt. Interesting for everybody who wants to know what´s inside of our food. Discover everything about function, production and side effects of food additives, emulsifiers, preservatives etc.

Events directly by the water

The Großmarkt Hamburg is ideal for many events, since the site measures 40.000 square metres. For example, when the sound of thousands of motorcycles fill up the area during the Hamburg Harley Days in June.

Once a year the Food Market Hamburg invites everyone to eat there in the late summer. Culinary joy – classics from the regional kitchen as well as unknown recipes from all over the world – tempt to taste them! Top notch chefs fascinate with their creations and numerous merchants from all over the world offer delicacies. A great opportunity to see the Großmarkt hall from the inside.

More! Theatre at the Großmarkt

Banksstraße 28
20097 Hamburg

Großmarkt Hamburg

Auf der Brandshofer Schleuse 4
20097 Hamburg