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  • Ischa Freimaak!
    Freimarkt 2015
    Es ist wieder soweit:
    vom 16.Oktober bis zum 1. November
    steht Bremen Kopf - wenn es heißt:

    Angereist werden kann momentan
    nur über die Admiralstraße.
    Die Theodor-Heuss-Allee ist nur in einer
    Richtung befahrbar; die Bürgerweide gesperrt.
  • Sleeping at prizeotel
    For bed stories with more chapters.
  • Never had such a good breakfast
    Our breakfast: All-you-can-never-eat
  • Rainforest-Feeling
    Our showers have it all.
  • Music & Radio
    „Hi, Technology!“
  • Entertain at prizeotel
    Pretty as a picture, thin, sharp
    32" flatscreen TV in your room -
    to fix your eyes on your favorite series!
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Budget Design Hotels

A jaw dropping hotel tour


Experience prizeotel in a completely different way! Our new image video will definitely knock you off your socks! Not just the colourful design, the flat screen TVs and our large breakfast buffet are true jaw-dropper. Annica takes you on a voyage of discovery at prizeotel Hamburg-City! No matter if testing the bed, blogging in the lobby or a late breakfast with loads of fruits, Annica takes you through her day at prizeotel Hamburg-City. When will you come and visit?

Gruppe Standorte

Our Cities

Our Cities

That’s prizeotel - a budget designer hotel. No matter where, there’s no inconsistency between low prices and the central location. At prizeotel, you’re in the middle of it.


Theodor-Heuss-Allee 12, 28215 Bremen


Högerdamm 28, 20097 Hamburg


Hamburger Allee 50, 30161 Hannover

That’s US

That’s US

We are indescribable. The “we-feeling” at prizeotel is rather noticeable and cannot be described with words. We call it “a designer hotel with all the charm of a private hotel”. It’s a real “people’s business” - with people and for people.

The “we” doesn’t just mean “us” as a team but “us and our guests” and “us and our partners”.

Get to know us!

Social Newsroom

Social Newsroom

Want to keep up-to-date? Don’t want to miss an episode of the prizeotel podcast? Want to stay informed via press releases and social media? No problem! Here, you can find all you need to know about prizeotel - warning: addictive! Who said what, when and why about prizeotel? You’ll find all the answers here.