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Hallo Hanover - Capital city of Lower Saxon, birthplace of High German, convention and university city. The leading city offers its residents a high quality of life and visitors also get their money's worth. Almost everything is centrally located so that you can get to know Hanover by foot. The perfect place to start exploring the city is the prizeotel Hanover. You can just leave your car here and take off walking.

01 Places to see...

One of the most beautiful photo locations in the city is the New City Hall, a magnificent building from 1913, nowadays housing the mayor. A visit there is definitely worth it, if not only to ride in the curved elevator which takes you to the dome and gives you a spectacular view of the city. At first the elevator goes straight up and then it goes up to 100 metres at a 17° angle. If you get lucky with the weather, you can even see all the way over to Harz.

New City Hall

Trammplatz 2
30159 Hanover

The "Nanas"

Hanover and the famous artist Niki de Saint Phalle had a special relationship. Up to this very day, the French lady is Hanover's first and only honorary citizen. Her ''Nanas'' Sophie, Charlotte and Caroline caused a scandal in 1974 when the sculptures were placed on the Leibniz riverbank. As a symbol of the blossoming Women's Rights Movement, the curvy and colorful sculptures caused things to heat up, but they also made a positive impact by opening up the discussion of art in public areas. Today, the chubby ladies aren't only much loved by the people of Hanover, but they are one of the city's favorite picture spots and are the start of a row of sculptures that go all the way to the Königworther Platz.

Niki de Saint Phalle designed the remodeled Grotto in the Herrenhäuser Garden – it was her last art project before she died in 2002. Three hundred of her works were left to the Sprengel Museum Hanover, as a thank you to her beloved city. She once said, "I have a very special feeling for Hanover".

SEA LIFE Hanover

You can plunge into SEA LIFE Hanover, the tropical Centre with a deep sea pool containing about 300,000 litres of water. An 8 metre long glass tunnel leads you through the ocean pool, so that sharks, sea turtles and numerous other sea animals can be experienced up close. The passage over the Croc-Walk is stunning. A glass bridge takes you directly over Cuban crocodiles – this tickles your nerves a bit!

There are over 2,500 animals from more than 160 species in 37 pools and aquariums to see, as well as various themed areas like "Dinosaurs of the Seas" for you to explore. Anyone in the mood for pampering can go to the petting pools to pet the sea stars and crabs.

SEA LIFE Hanover

Herrenhäuser Str. 4a
30419 Hanover

State Theatre Hanover

Under its beautiful roof the State Theatre Hanover houses the State Opera and the Theatre Hanover. The Theatre was built from 1845 to 1852 in a late classical style and was opened with a performance of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro. During World War II the magnificent buidling was completely destroyed. The rebuilding of the theatre took place in historical style and was celebrated with the performance of Richard Strauss' Rosenkavalier in November 1950.

The State Theatre is one of the most important cultural sites in Lower Saxony and seats 1,200 spectators. The repertoire is unusually diversified and offers something for everybody. There is everything from classical opera, to modern productions, ballet, musicals, drama and dance theatre. Hanover's State Theatre is worth a visit just to enjoy the atmosphere. It is a bit like travelling back in time: elegant, pompous and somehow poignant.

Staatstheater Hanover

Maschsee Lake in Hanover

The Maschsee Lake in Hanover is a bit like the Alster in Hamburg. It is not only an important part of the cityscape and in the middle of the city, but also a central point for freetime activities in Hanover. The artificial lake with an area of about 80 hectars is the favourite place for watersports and relaxation. The quality of the water is so high that it is used for fish farming pike, perch and carp which are traditionally sold at the lake for Christmas and New Year's. The Maschsee Lake offers various activities in the water and on land. The about 6km long path along the shore is perfect for strolling or jogging, and whoever likes a faster pace will find it perfect for a bike ride or inlineskating tour. On a regular basis, there are regattas and dragon boat races on the lake. Furthermore, you'll find boat rentals, sailing schools and an open air pool alongside the beach. Whoever is not into water sports, but would like to go out onto the water, there are passenger boats available by Üstra for a boat ride to perk you up.

The Herrenhäuser Gardens

The Herrenhäuser Gardens are undoubtely one of the most popular hotspots in Lower Saxony's capital. There is plenty of space here to relax, stroll around or daydream. The garden's centre is the palace which was originally built in a baroque style and then later remodeled in a neo-classical style. It once served as the summer residence for the Welf Family. Today it houses a museum, the Herrenhausen Gallery as well as a conference centre.

The beautiful gardens are divided into different areas. The Große Garten or Big Garden is one of the most famous baroque gardens in Europe and is the core of the Herrenhäuser Gardens. It is about 50 hectares in size and was finished at the beginning of the 18th century. A special visitor attraction is the garden's labyrinth which has a diameter of 40 metres. Here one can travel back into a time when nobility jaunted around the garden. The Grotto in the northwestern end of the Große Garten was built in 1676 and is made up of 3 rooms decorated with shells, crystals, glass and minerals. They served as a place of enchantment and cooling off on hot days. However in the 18th century the decorations were removed and not until 2003 did the rooms shine again according to the plans by the artist Niki de Saint Phalle. The Mirror Room was dedicated to the theme of day and night with 40 relief figures. The Blue Room stands for night and the cosmos. The Middle Room has the theme of Life of Mankind expressed through mosaics and numerous elaborate painted plastic figures.

The Berggarten or Mountain Garden is one of the oldest European botanical gardens in Germany. In the glasshouses and themed gardens one can gaze at over 11,000 different plants from various climate zones. The largest orchid collection in Europe and since 2006 an aquarium is here. In the Bergarten there is the Georgen Palais which houses the Wilhem-Busch-Museum. Max and Moritz would have had a blast in this garden.
Earl Platen once lived in the Monbrillant Palace in the Welfgarten. Today the University of Hannover is here. A big plus for the students is that they can enjoy their breaks in the park's landscape. In front of the Palace is the landmark of Lower Saxony, the Sachsenross or Saxon Horse.

Herrenhäuser Gärten

Herrenhäuser Straße 4
30419 Hanover

Adventure Zoo Hanover

At the ''Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover'' or Adventure Zoo Hanover you travel from Afrika to Australia in just one day, India is next door and Canada is just a stone's throw away. Cross Africa in a Zambezi boat, here is a lot to do. Continue on foot through the various climate zones to the apes, passing a research station which is the only evidence that there was once civilization here. Exactly these kind of small gimmicks make the Hanover Zoo so special. There is always something fun to discover and everything has been designed in a very creative and caring manner. The zoo itself is beautiful and the animal cages are amazing and have been thought through very well. You can really see that the animals feel comfortable and relaxed here.

The India area has a picturesque design. The vistor awaits old palace ruins where the walls, aquaduct and statues have been overgrown with vegetation. Instead of maharajahs, elephants are swimming in the palace pool; and tigers, leopards and monkeys lurk in the bushes.

The next highlight leads us to Canada – the wilderness is calling. Bears, wolves, bisons, cliffs and roaring seas – Yukon Bay is a pure adventure. Where else can you see majestic polar bears above and below the water playing in the waves while penguins, sea bears, seals and sea lions leisurely swim by?
There are not only animals to discover at the Hanover Zoo, but also many games to play, food to eat and animals to pet! By the way, Hanover's Adventure Zoo has been chosen as Germany's most family-friendly zoo for the 5th time in a row!

Zoo Hannover

Adenauerallee 3
30175 Hanover

Red Thread

A good idea is the ''Rote Faden'' or Red Thread that literally leads through Hanover. It is an approximately 4 km long route that is marked on the sidewalks and leads past 36 places of interest. That way you can see all of the sights without a map or app in your hand. It begins at the Ernst-August-Platz and the route ends at the Ernst-August Monument in front of the main train station. The entire route is accessible for people with a disability and is repainted every year. There is a booklet which describes the points of interest along the route in ten languages.
Hats off, Hanover!

02 Parties to be…

We already told you about Lake Maschsee. Now we would like to tell you about Hanoverian's favourite festival. Since 1986 every summer the Maschsee Festival takes place for a couple of weeks. The largest fair in Lower Saxony now has over 2 million visitors that come to Hanover's local lake for an international artistic and culinary event. Music, action or romance on the water like swimming by torch light, numerous stages, culinary art, cabaret, children's program – there's really something for everybody.  All of the information about the festival is at And what better place to wind down after having a blast at the lake other than at the prizeotel Hanover-City?  Therefore your best bet is to book your room now and you won't find it faster or cheaper than on our quick and easy booking system.

We've also told you about the Herrenhäuser Gardens.  However what we haven't mentioned yet, is the awesome schedule of events that take place there. Generally speaking, one could go there every night and experience something new every time. The most well-known event is probably the international Firework Competition where the world's greatest pyrotechnicians perform breathtaking firework choreographies with the Herrenhäuser Gardens as a backdrop. This magic in the sky takes place on 5 summer nights. But before the first firework lights up the sky, there is a pre-party with live music, walking acts and a wide range of culinary delights. An incredible experience with a wow effect!

There's no way that culture comes too short at the Herrenhäuser Garden's schedule of events. There are festivals, such as the ''Kleine Fest im Großen Garten'' or Small festival in the Big Garden, poetry-slam at usually quiet spots, music related goodies from classical events to jazz or pop, conventions, markets, lectures – there's some of everything for everyone. There also is a special kids program for the little ones, for example a garden gnome-tour or lantern parade.

In the summer it gets romantic with some illuminations accompanied by baroque music. Bushes, sculptures and fountains blaze in festive lighting. A goose bump kind of experience!

All dates and overview of the numerous tours

HDI Arena

Hanover is a soccer loving city. There has been deep love and admiration towards the hometown's club Hanover 96 ever since 1896. The motto is ''niemals allein'' or ''never alone''. The fans have been supporting their team for generations, in good days, like when they won the German cup, but also during bad times. 
They play in the HDI-Arena, located in the sports park near the Maschsee Lake. There's space for up to 49,000 fans when it's time for showdown. We at prizeotel also love soccer and love hosting the soccer fans that come from far away. With our booking system you will get the best offers and therefore be able to go home as champions. Whoever can't make it to the stadium doesn't have to worry, we project the games onto a big screen in the lobby. Definitely a good reason to cheer!


Robert-Enke-Str. 1
30169 Hanover

03 Convention Hanover

Hanover can offer the biggest convention centre in the world. That is already quite an accomplishment! Some of the most important international conventions take place on the 1 billion square meters, such as the CeBIT, the IAA or the HANOVER CONVENTION. Additionally, leading conventions in various branches, great concerts, exhibitions and sports events attract millions of visitors each year to the convention centre. 

The convention hall complex contains 27 exhibition halls and pavilions, free space, passage ways made of glass and plenty of relaxation areas as well as areas with greenery. And in the middle of the halls lies the futuristic convention centre with 5.300 square meters.

One of the great advantages of the convention centre complex Hanover is how easy it is to get there. On the one hand, it is directly connected with the trains A 2 and A 7 and has its own convention centre train station. And on the other hand, it offers 39.000 parking spots. The convention centre complex Hanover is easy to reach! We at prizeotel Hanover-City are perfectly prepared for conventions and their visitors. prizeotel offers air-conditioned rooms with high-comfort beds which guarantee a good night's sleep before starting long and exhausting days at a convention. Free high speed internet in the entire hotel and work&surf stations including printers fit the needs of our business travellers. Enough parking space in front of the hotel and a good connection to the convention centre keep it easy and help avoid additional stress. You can book your convention room at the best price by using our booking system. Our front desk team on site is always there for you to help out with good advice or give you some tips on Hanover. 

04 Restaurants and Bars

A nice restaurant or a good bar is part of a fantastic city trip. No matter whether on private account or after a long day at the convention centre. We've made a selection of the best tips for you. 

Of course prizeotel Hanover-City also does a great job providing you with good food. It starts with the breakfast buffet, during the day or at night you can choose from various snacks and drinks.

Boca Gastrobar

The Boca always has a good surprise in store for you. As an example the GINsation, where you get five gins with five courses. The creative webdesign also convinces us! The menu is inspiring, however not over the top. We love the idea of serving small dishes in the tapas style. You can order plenty and combine them as you wish. For us it's clear, they get a thumbs up!

BOCA Gastrobar

Kriegerstraße 43a
30161 Hanover

Enrico Leone

Enrico Leone is all about fresh and light mediterranean cuisine. Since 2002 Matthias Damm and his team serve italian inspired high quality culinary dreams. The most special thing about them are the careful selection and handling of the ingredients. The interior of the restaurant is a good mixture of traditional and modern design, the menu is filled with classic italian dishes. Whoever doesn't only want to eat, but also learn to cook, is in the right place. There are cooking classes where you get to enjoy eating what you cooked at the end of the class. 


Funky Kitchen – the Sound of Food

'Love of the profession, a lot of intuition, creativity and passion'' – that's the Funky Kitchen's recipe to turn a meal into a memory. In the midst of a relaxing lounge atmosphere, surrounded by international art and ''homemade'' music, you can enjoy creative dishes with an international flair at the Funky Kitchen. Pumpkin meets crab and tuna seeks seaweed. The day starts with some brunch, not in form of a buffet, but rather served at the table in a tasty way. This creates a more relaxing atmosphere than the hectic of some buffets. Of course they also offer lunch and dinner with a varying menu. Another bonus definitely is the terrace.

Funky Kitchen

Boulevard der EU 8
30539 Hanover (Expo-Park)

Oscar’s Bar in Hanover

Oscar's is a bar that couldn't have chosen a better name.
It matches perfectly with the distinguished yet at the same time cozy atmosphere. A lot of wood, countless bottle racks – somehow timeless. Cocktails and drinks are mixed from the best ingredients, but the most unique about Oscar's is the stunning selection of whiskeys. We say Cheers!


Georgstraße 54
30159 Hanover

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