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The Herrenhäuser Gardens Hannover

The Herrenhäuser Gardens

Outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, long walks can be enjoyed in beautiful surroundings - the Herrenhäuser Gardens are one of the most popular hotspots in Hanover. They are split up into the "Great Garden", the "Mountain Garden", the "Georgian Garden" and the "Guelph Garden". It’s not only a favourite among tourists as Hanoverians enjoy coming here too, simply to kick back and relax.

The "Great Garden" is considered one of the most important baroque gardens in all of Europe and it forms the heart of the Herrenhäuser Gardens. It all started with a kitchen garden for the then duke Georg von Calenberg. As time went on, it was continuously extended and redesigned to become what’s known today as the "Great Garden". At the beginning of the 18th century, it was to a large extent complete; measuring around 50 hectares it is around the size of the historic centre of Hanover. A maze can now be found in the middle of the garden, which spans around 40 metres in diameter.



The "Mountain Garden" is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Germany. This park evolved from a vegetable and cultivation garden. As of 2006 there is also now an aquarium here, which once used to be a rain forest house. Visitors can marvel at 11,000 various plants from a wide array of climates inside the display houses and in the thematic gardens of the "Mountain Garden". The garden additionally hosts the largest collection of orchids in Europe.

Named after King George IV August Friedrich von Hannover, the "Georgian Garden" is a city park in the style of English landscape gardens. In this garden, the Georgian palace accommodates the Wilhem Busch museum, a German museum for caricatures and drawing.

Nowadays, Hanover University is based in "Guelph Garden". Monbrillant Castle was once the residence of Count Platen. Incidentally, the symbol of the state of Lower Saxony can be found in front of the castle: the Saxon horse. The garden was initially a smaller version of the "Great Garden"; it was redesigned at the beginning of the 19th century. Due to the fact the university is located here, it’s no wonder that many students enjoy relaxing in the park between tiring lectures.


Herrenhäuser Gärten
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