Hamburg Harley Days

Hamburg Harley Days

More Harley, more Hamburg, simply unbeatable!

The Hamburg Harley Days - let's roll!

Anyone who participated in the first Harley Days in Hamburg in 2003 will surely never forget this weekend. The occasion was the 100th birthday of the American bikes. You can honestly say that the Reeperbahn was burning. It was wild and it was loud.

Ever since, the Harley days are an integral part of Hamburg's event schedule. And they are getting bigger and bigger. Most recently, 400,000 visitors and 50,000 bikers came to the Hanseatic city. Only considering the parade, which runs through the city, the Köhlbrand bridge and the outskirts of Hamburg, there is already around 8,000 bikers who start their machines every year. Thus, the Harley Days Hamburg are the biggest Harley-reunion in a city worldwide.

By now, the event has spread throughout the entire city. The main area of the event is the site of Hamburg's great market, which is conveniently located in close proximity to the prizeotel Hamburg-City. There, in the Harley-Village, moped friends can expect everything that will make biker hearts beat higher. Numerous booths. Stages, bars, and of course plenty of heavy machines! Right in the middle of Hamburg's city center, along the Mönckebergstraße, another highlight of the Harley-Days - the big ride-in bike show - is taking place. Here, the most eccentric custom bikes are presented and prices are awarded in various categories.

And even if the organizers have started using other sites in the past years, there's only one awesome mile for real Harley riders - the Reeperbahn. It's the perfect place for the ride-in bike show and therefore the true hotspot of the Hamburg Harley Days. That's why we decided to build a new prizeotel for Hamburg at St.Pauli, just for you.

Getting even closer is not possible! Are you walking to the Harley Village or the Reeperbahn and more importantly also back? Just book a room at the prizeotel Hamburg-City or the prizeotel Hamburg-St. Pauli.

The date of the next Harley Days is June 22nd to 24th, 2018.