Deichtor Halls Hamburg

Deichtor Halls Hamburg

Modern art and photography displayed on an impressive 5.600 squaremeters of exhibition space.

The Deichtor Halls Hamburg are the welcoming committee of the city - no matter if you´re arriving in the Elbmetropole via train, car or by foot from the prizeotel Hamburg-City. At the same time, they´re also the entrance to the constantly changing Port City. It´s a fact that you won´t get around passing by the Deichtor Halls, that´s a good thing! They count as one of the cultural goodies of the city – for art-, photogrphy- and foodlovers.

The historical buildings – once used as market halls – are home to one of the biggest contemporary art exhibits for art and photography in Europe with around 5.600 squaremeters. In the last couple of years three halls, one of them in Harburg, have evolved into one brand.

Hall for the latest art

In the northern Deichtor Hall the biggest exhibition for contemporary art in Europe on about 3.800 square meters of connected space came into being. The sturdy architecture of the hall offers a contrast to the changing exhibits of individual renowned painters, sculptors and designers. Group exhibits such as the presentation of significant international art collections round off the outstanding program in the hall.

House of photography

The southern building of the Deichtor Halls originated under the management of Prof. F.C. Gundlach, who provided the hall with 8.500 pieces of his private collection for a time period of 20 years. The hall exhibits various international expositions on photography, additionally to the world famous collection of artistic and fashion photography and offers the visitors a diverse range of places to go, such as an auditorium, libraries and the trendy bistro restaurant Fillet of Soul.

The Deichtor Halls are a hotspot for people interested in arts and culture. Moreover the Library F.C. Gundlach offers friends of photography a real Eldorado. This library has more than 9.000 books dealing with photography , numerous monographs, six reading spaces and a wide range of magazines.

Collection Flackenberg

The collection of the art lover Harald Falckenberg is a part of the Deichtor Halls as a permanent exhibit, however it is located in the rooms of the Phoenix Halls in Hamburg-Harburg. This collection is a good reason to make your way over to Harburg, but the additional exhibitions and themed presentations take it up one notch. Other than that, there are also some permanent installations of renowned artists such as John Bock or Thomas Hirschhorn for you to marvel. Nevertheless before you head on over: The expositions can only be seen at the openings or within a guided tour!

Triennale of Photography

Every three years the big museums of Hamburg together with other cultural institutions and galleries organize a photo festival called the Triennale of Photography together with other cultural institutions and galleries. This important international event provides a platform for many photo exhibitions influenced by a motto that changes every year as well as talks with artists, discussions, lectures and an international conference. Without a doubt, all photography fans will find it picture perfect.

The next Triennale of Photography will take place from June until September of 2018.

Fillet of soul

Lovers of culinary indulgence can also find their kind of art at the Deichtor Halls. The Fillet of Soul restaurant located in the southern hall excites with its innovative and creative kitchen. Not only the visitors, but also the people from Hamburg like going there. It´s a good size and is listed under the category of the young and wild among restaurant connoisseurs. It opens for lunch with a lunch menu that changes daily which many people working in the area enjoy, in the afternoon cakes, coffee & tea attract and there´s also a bistro menu for the small appetite in between and at night the Fillet of Soul really gets going. The atmosphere at the restaurant is just as good as the food and on nice days it might even taste a little bit better on the patio of the inner courtyard.

The Fillet of Soul got a little sister not long ago in the Northern Hall. 'The Café' is a calm oasis in the Hall of modern art. Small snacks and homemade cakes guarantee to make your tastebuds happy, in the summer also out on the patio. On the first Thursday of each month the quietness turns into loud music when a DJ invites to an After Work Chill until 9pm.


Deichtorstraße 1-2
20095 Hamburg