TopHotel 2013 – 4th Time in a Row for prizeotel Bremen-City

Hello everyone!

The review is thought to be the new currency on the World Wide Web. The feedback provided by the user of a product is of paramount importance online since it helps potential customers gain an insight in the product about to be purchased (or not). Simultaneously this rating is an indicator for the entrepreneur whether their product goes in the right direction or not.

Prizeotel is already a well-known name when it comes to the prize awarded annually by HolidayCheck for the most popular hotels: the TopHotel award. As in the previous three years we kept the tradition and won the Top Hotel 2013. The criteria that has to be met in order to be among the laureates of 2013 was:

  • at least 40 hotel reviews in 2012
  • at least 90% recommendation rate
  • at least 5 stars (these are actually suns)
  • no traceable tampering

My colleagues Rebecca Hemeyer, Hans Bondoc and Laurent Heinemann went to Berlin to the event organised by HolidayCheck to accept this most desired award. The event was worthy of an Academy Awards ceremony:  red carpet (which was actually blue – you can see here why), cameras flashing, fans, media interviews and, of course, champagne.

Among the topics discussed there was also a presentation that tackled the responses to reviews, a sort of counter-feedback on the part of the hoteliers. Both positive and negative ratings should be equally addressed. Here are the main points (source: Training):

  • Quick reaction: the hoteliers should answer the reviews within 24 hours.
  • More informal style: the internet allows a more ‘relaxed’ response.
  • Avoid templates: each review should be treated individually.
  • Accessibility: it should be taken into account that the responses are available to all users.
  • No drama: the responses should remain professional and not digress.
  • No hidden meanings: irony and sarcasm should be avoided at any costs.

Congrats and keep up the good work, prizeotel!

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