#dondi13 – „do not disturb“-sign online initiative by prizeotel

Everybody knows what „DND“ stands for, so we got to thinking … what would the most unconventional hotel come up with? Our weekly editorial meeting provided the setting for a promising brainstorming. And what a brainstorming it was! We almost died with laughter, that’s a fact! It sure wasn’t easy, but after a productive Friday, here it is: #dondi13 – the latest prizeotel initiative.

#dondi13 should become the ultimate hashtag. The whole WWW would hear about it. So let’s posh up our pretty little world with colourful, odd, classic or quirky „do-not-disturb“ signs! How? Snap a shot of such a sign, no matter where you are or how you got to it. The most important part: post it on instagram or twitter using the hashtag #dondi13! Of course you don’t have to have an instagram account to do it, any other photo-editing tool would do. Neither is a twitter account a must (it would be cool though). If you don’t master the language of the symbolic blue bird yet, post your pictures on our prizeotel Bremen-City Facebook page and we’ll forward it to our prizeotel Twitter account.

Let the whole world hear about it! We’ll go first with our own ‘do-not-disturb’ sign:

dondi prizeotel

Be a part of the #dondi13-gallery, be a part of prizeotel!

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