Bremen Flea Market

Hello everyone!

I am sure you know what a flea market is. You don’t? Well, does a garage sale sound more familiar? It is practically the same thing, but while a garage sale is a private event where only you sell your own stuff, the flea market is a get-together which everybody can take part in. This public display and sale of personal belongings has to be planned and announced in advance and it normally starts at the break of dawn.

FlohmarktOwlsThe most significant flea market in Bremen ist the one which takes place every year from April until September on the wide surface in front of the exhibition centre (Messezentrum), which is known to locals as the Bürgerweide. It takes place every Sunday from about 4-5 a.m. until about 2 p.m. Whether you are on the hunt for vintage pieces,  unexpected bargains or just trying to kill a few hours, this is the place to be on Sunday morning. You can find anything from a kitchen sink to wedding pictures of other people and from jewellery to furniture. We have many guests here at prizeotel who come to visit Bremen for a weekend and the flea market – which is across the street, by the way – is definitely one of the main attractions during spring and summer.

Here is what I bought:


I was there around 1 p.m., but be sure to be there early if you want to get the best things!

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