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51. prizeotel Wiesbaden-City - opening 2021 - Ei Gude, Wiesbaden!  
Ei Gude, Wiesbaden! prizeotel is heading to the Hessian state capital and settles down with cool design in Wiesbaden. From 2021 on, 154 stylish design rooms, by star designer Karim Rashid, will be…  
52. prizeotel Wiesbaden-City - opening 2021 - prizeotel Wiesbaden-City  
prizeotel Wiesbaden-City Opening 2021      
53. prizeotel Bremen-City – your room  
FAQ - common question asked at prizeotel Surf until the doctor comes  At prizeotel you have super fast wireless internet! For free and in every corner of the hotel. For many ups and…  
54. prizeotel Dresden-City - opening 2022 - prizeotel Dresden-City  
prizeotel Dresden-City Opening 2022      
55. prizeotel Dresden-City - opening 2022 - Hip, hip, hooray!  
Hip, hip, hooray! prizeotel opens a second house in 2022 in beautiful Dresden and pitch its stylish camp, with 213 cool design rooms by star designer Karim Rashid, in the bustling neighborhood…  
56. prizeotel Dresden-Mitte - opening 2021 - Right in the middle!  
Right in the middle! prizeotel is about to settle in the heart of Saxony and will open its doors in the golden mean of Dresden. From the second half of 2021 on, 125 cool design rooms by Karim…  
57. prizeotel München-Airport - Your Room  
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions  
58. prizeotel Bern-City - Your Room  
59. prizeotel Erfurt-City - Your Room  
60. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about prizeotel Bern-City  
FAQ - Questions & Answers In our FAQ, you'll find info on everything you need to know about prizeotel.   
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