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Centrally located BUDGET DESIGN-HOTEL Hanover

Discover Hanover
Hanover can not only score points with the largest exhibition center in the world. Lower Saxonys capital also offers so some bizarre venues, oblique lifts and nature around the corner.

And the best: prizeotel Hanover-City is so centrally located that you can reach all hotspots in short, whether on foot or easily by bus and train.
  • Neues Rathaus
    One of the most coveted photographic motifs of the city is the New City Hall in Hanover. Many tourists assume it’s a castle. The magnificent Wilhelmian building from 1913 is still the seat of the lord mayor of Hanover.
  • The venue for opera, ballet and theatre was originally built between the years 1845 to 1852 using Wealden sandstone in a late-classical style.
  • The point in the Hanover inner-city where Georgstraße, Karmarschstraße, Bahnhofstraße and Rathenaustraße meet is where the Kröpcke clock can be found.

Budget Design Hotel for Hanover

Video podcast from Hanover

In our „prizeCAST“ – the video podcast from the Hanover construction site – you can find out everything important about the construction and development of our newest hotel in the city of Hanover. We've reported directly from our property at the Hamburger Allee, not far from the main station and downtown.

Lower Saxony's capital really has a lot to offer ... meeting places like "unter'm Schwanz" or green oasis in the City.

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