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Lake Steinhude Hanover

Lake Steinhude

Lake Steinhude lies around 30 kilometres north west of Hanover. Covering an area of almost 30km2, it’s the largest lake in North Western Germany. Lake Steinhude is the centre of the nature park by the same name and is THE day-trip destination for many Hanoverians.

Whether it’s water sports, cycling, water tours, riding or golf - sports fans will find plenty to do here. Art and culture enthusiasts will also find what their hearts desire: fine art and music for example in the arts barn, good wine in the restaurant and you can order fish in the eel smokehouses or simply just unwind by the lakeside.



A tip for all the lovers amongst you: starting April you will also be able to get married on Wilhelmstein Island. The ship "MS Wilkommen" is on hand for wedding parties, enabling the happy couple to say "I do" on Lake Steinhude. The free dates can be found on the home page of Lake Steinhude.


Steinhuder Meer
Meerstraße 15 - 19
31515 Wunstorf / Steinhude

T: +49 (0) 5033-9501-0
F: + 49 (0) 5033-9501-20