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Weserstadion Bremen


When the Weser Stadion  is sold out, more than 42,000 spectators will be cheering their team on. Four of the spectators are us, because the prizeotel team has season tickets for home games of the Bundesliga football.

The Weser  Stadion  is located on the banks of the river Weser. Today, it is the home ground of SV Werder Bremen football club. Until recently, it was affectionately known as the “sheep pen”.

Ultimate Tip

Ultimate Tip

Ultimate tip: there is a quay directly behind the stadium. The Weser  Stadion  is the only stadium in Germany (some say worldwide) where you can arrive by boat. Also, entry tickets for a Werder game can be used as travel tickets on public transport three hours before and after the game.
Since 2007, concerts have also been held in Weser stadium. Among others, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, U2, Bon Jovi (3x), The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen (2x) and Metallica have performed there.  
Previously, the Weser  Stadion  was a sports ground with wooden stands, built by the Allgemeinen Bremer Turn- und Sportverein (General Bremen Gymnastics and Sports Association) and was named the “ABTS arena”. Since 1947, it has been named the Weser stadium. In recent years, the stadium has been repeatedly renovated and expanded. Since the last renovation, the capacity is now 42,100 spectators.

One special feature of the stadium is the four large floodlights, which suddenly turned off on the first game day of the 2004/2005 Bundesliga season at the Werder-Schalke game. The reason for this was a defective cable sleeve, which delayed kick off by 65 minutes and the news of it spread throughout Germany. This defective connection part can still be seen inside the stadium - in the “Wuseum”.


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