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One day at prizeotel Bremen-City

Simply scroll down and marvel at a typical 24 hours at prizeotel.
Have fun!

Unser „Nighty“ bespricht mit Ioana die Übergabe an den Frühdienst.


Our „Nighty“ discusses the handover with Ioana from the early morning duty team.

Unser Lieferant übergibt eine Kiste frisches Obst für das reichhaltige Frühstücksbuffet an unsere Küchenfee Daisy


The food arrives. Our supplier delivers a box of fresh fruit for our varied breakfast buffet to our kitchen fairy Daisy.


The breakfast won’t eat itself...


Mmmmmm, delicious!

Unsere Zauberfee Helga steht schon in den Startlöchern


After breakfast, the cleaning begins. Our cleaning fairy, Helga, is ready to go.

Wenn Helga fertig ist, ist alles blitzeblank!


When Helga has finished, everything is spick and span!


Time for lunch with the prizeotel Bremen City team.

Das ist unsere „Hausdame“ Mohamed vom Housekeeping


This is our “housekeeper” Mohamed from housekeeping.

Ab jetzt kommen die meisten Gäste zum Check-In


Most guests start to arrive for check-in. Bianca explains to guests how to connect to the free high-speed WiFi.


Taxi driver Heiko brings us new guests...

für die Wartezeit auch gern mal einen Kaffee auf die Hand.


...and likes to have a coffee in hand while he waits.


What happened this week? Are there any concerns? What went well? Where can we improve? Our team meeting with the Guest Service Manager delivers the answers.

Gleich rollt der Ball auf der Leinwand.


The ball rolls across the screen. Guests can watch Champions League and Bundesliga football on Sky in the lobby.

Ein frisch gezapftes Bier zum Anpfiff? Passt doch super zusammen!


A freshly pulled pint of beer for kick off? What a great match!


Our „Nighty“ is back again. Guest Service Christian hands over to the security staff for the night.

Carsten macht die Hausrunde.


Steven does the house rounds. Guests are informed immediately if they have left valuables in their car.


And then we wish you a good night...