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30. Mar 17 , Blog

Worldwide InstaMeet in Hamburg – #wwim15hh

Instameet at the prizeotel Hamburg-City

120 instagramers were guest at our prizeotel Hamburg-City all at the same time – that doesn´t happen every day. It was the 15th time that users of the social media network Instagram met up all over the world to take pictures together. Instagram announces the dates and the motto, however the local users from different nearby regions organize the rest themselves.

Breakfast with the community

Together with the @igershamburg, an active group from the local Instagram community, we invited everyone for breakfast at the hotel and afterwards on a harbour cruise. We were happy to see that in addition to the participants from Hamburg, people even made the long trip from Dusseldorf, Hannover and Berlin to join the event.

Photography in Hamburg

After a good breakfast at our place, we strolled through the UNESCO world heritage Speicherstadt which is a historic warehouse complex. Here the people from Hamburg and other cities were able to find some popular photo motives such as the Wasserschloss or water castle, where there is a Teekontor in between two channels. After many other small stops we went in the direction of the Landungsbrücke.

Through Hamburgs port on the Elbe
Schifffahrt auf der Elbe

At Bridge 7 the captain of the passenger boat ''Concordia'' welcomed us on board. For one hour we cruised passing by the Elbe beach Blankensee, some Aida cruises, the traditional port Oevelgoenne, container terminals, luxury yachts at the Blohm & Voss dock and of course, by our favourite landmark in Hamburg, the Elbphilharmonie. During the ride the co-captain gave us a lot of interesting information, some of it seeming more like sailors tales. The official part of the event ended here. Whoever still had enough battery left on their smartphone kept on going. Everybody else was supplied with electricity from the power banks.

Onwards to Hamburg's Cathedral

After a short coffee break at the café ''Milch'' (which means ''Milk'') the journey continued through the Portuguese District to the park Planten & Blomen and then onto the cathedral. What a Quiddje (that´s what they call a foreigner who arrived via train) might consider as a religious facility is actually the biggest carnival in the north of Germany. It takes place three times a year, each time lasting one month. The instagramers were inspired to come up with the Hashtag #itseemslikeitisalwaysdominhamburg. With some sausages and rides and rollercoasters we let this nice day come to an end.

Donations for the Sailor Club Duckdalben

Each WorldWide InstaMeet has a motto, chosen by Instagram itself. The motto of the 15th WorldWide InstaMeet was ''kindness''. It made us especially happy to have such good weather. The sun was smiling at us and we smiled back at it together with the participants. On this day it was especially important for us to think about our peers and to spread happiness around like throwing confetti.

INSTAGRAM @prizeotelhamburg
International Seamensclub Duckdalben
International Seamensclub Duckdalben

The participants of the #wwim15hh donated a total of 313,44 € to the Sailors Club Duckdalben. Sea voyaging is a hard job, even in this globalized world. The sailors aren´t very well paid and work on an average of 9 months without a break, at least 10 hours a day. A container ship only stays at port for around 8 hours, there is not very much time nor money for going on land. The Duckdalben provides the sailors with a comfortable space where they can phone with home and can access the internet. 18 people work full time and 110 volunteers take care of the sailors. The Duckdalben is a project that we like to support. That´s why we as @prizeotel have decided to double the donation.

Pictures of the participants

Here we are showing you a small selection of the fantastic pictures that were taken during the InstaMeet. In total more than 350 pictures were posted. You can find a good overview on Instagram with the hashtag wwim15hh.

Of course we're also active on Instagram. You can follow us under @prizeotel – there you can find great tips about our favourite cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover.