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28. Feb 18 , Blog

WIFI: fast, reliable and free at prizeotel

Want to check something real quick? That´s literally possible wherever and whenever at prizeotel.

WIFI is free at prizeotel

When we first started to take notes about our ideas and visions for the prizeotel Economy-Design-Hotels, not only a unique design, but also future oriented technologies were of great importance to us. It wasn´t our goal to do things the same as everybody else, we wanted to do it better! And that´s why we created our very own super user-friendly booking system and our prizeotel App with which you can easily check in at the room door. Both pretty cool, but it´s not enough for us. We are constantly thinking about how we could make our guests' stay smoother, less complicated and more time efficient. Other hotels are excited to finally have their own website and seriously charge their guests 10 EUR per day just for the WIFI. We on the other hand, like to use all of the technological options to their full potential. The basic condition for that: WIFI! Always, everywhere in the Hotel, fast, reliable and free.

We let Siri, Alexa & Co. speak up – always!

We´ve understood this since the very beginning. Just like our guests, we also depend on the steady flow of information. Fast arrangements, no matter where we are at the moment, access to all of the data, short service routes, communication, information, news – our daily business. Why should it be any different for you? Whoever wants to be modern also has to choose modern ways. Those should definitely not be impaired by technology. A smartphone isn´t just a telephone, you already know that. It is our Star Trek bridge from which we manage our entire life, oh and yeah, you can also phone with it. That´s why free internet, fast as lightning everywhere in our hotel is just as important to us as the rooms, beds and showers.

By the way:
Of course you can also get some chocolate from us.

WI-super fast-Fi instead of WI-super slow-Fi

It´s clear that our daily life has changed drastically due to mobile internet access. It´s a basic need, especially for people travelling a lot. Whether for business, leisure or as a digital nomad. Nowadays somebody on a business trip needs access to reliable WIFI at all times, in order to be able to respond and work. They take their office wherever they go, smartphones and laptops replace old fashioned office structures. It doesn´t matter as much where they are, but much more that they have access to online data and communication tools – with unlimited data.

People travelling on vacation also use their smartphone: to plan routes, quickly reserve a table at a restaurant, checking in at home via webcam to see if everything is looking good or maybe turning down the heating temperature at home using Smart Home and of course also to communicate with friends all over the world. There is one thing you need in order to do all of the above: fast and reliable WIFI, even better if it´s for free. Oh and you should probably also have a smartphone or laptop with you. -But wait a second, we even have a solution for that! For example the MacBooks that we offer for use in our lounges. Also for free. It´s a matter of pride.

We don´t like standstill. And definitely not on screens.

Our bandwidth isn´t only just for e-mails etc., you can also stream. For example, through Apple TV which is available in all rooms in Hamburg and Hannover. You can connect your smartphone or laptop with the flatscreen tv in no time and dircetly access all of the data or streaming services. That´s how you know that a design concept is modern. It may not be as obvious as our interior, but it for sure contributes to making our Susi Carefree Total Package at prizeotel what it is.