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28. Feb 18 , Blog

Rather 5Bs than 5 stars

Why the prizeotel 5B strategy offers so many advantages!

Sure we could aslo do it more long-winded. We wouldn´t run out of reasons why prizeotel is so great. But it´s not our style. That is why we don´t need many words, but one single letter. B as in Benefit. Our 5B strategy makes out what a good hotelstay is all about: Booking, Bed, Bathroom, Breakfast & Be Happy!

Let´s be honest, what is it that really matters when you´re staying at a hotel? We think the most important thing is being able to start the next day well rested and in a good mood, whether that means a business meeting or a sightseeing marathon. And that´s why: whatever is on your agenda, we´ll send you out in top form.
Having slumbered in bedsheets with luxury hotel quality, being well rested after a night in highly comfortable beds, having woken up and gotten freshend up in an XXL walk-in shower, having enjoyed a vast breakfast and starting a new adventure in a good mood. That´s what prizeotel is all about!

B for Booking

Attention, attention all! Top speed to the best price.

Everybody knows with the booking, you already realize how relaxed a trip is going to start off.
Confusing reservations? Annoying search for the best price? No! With us booking is easy and uncomplicated via our homepage or the prizeotel App and we also don´t mind speaking to you, if that´s what you prefer.

You can reach our reservation hotline from Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm at +49 (0) 421 - 2222 100.

Our best price guarantee – priceless!

The prizeotel best-price-guarantee shows you the best available price for the dates you´ve requested. Guaranteed! This will save you from hours of comparing websites - since you know that you will always find the best offer directly on our homepage and nowhere else.

Sometimes you know from experience how something works optimally. That´s why we programmed our booking system IBE - Internet Booking Engine ourselves. It´s clear, comprehensable and easy to use, we think that it´s better than the bookingsystems from other hotelwebsites. You don´t believe us? See for yourself!

The prizeotel App also offers an Open-Sesame-function. That way you can go straight up to your room and start your design experience without having to stop and check-in at the reception.
Cool, huh?

B like Bed

Others only dream of our beds!

At this point we will not use cheesy captions such as `good bed, good sleep´, but we must admit that we´re quite proud of the beds that we have to offer. After all, we see it as an obligation towards our guests who oftentimes arrive here quite tired. Adressing the facts: our highly comfortable beds measure 1,80 x 2,00 meters which makes them 20 cm wider than most other hotel beds. We also don´t lay our matresses on pressboard - surprisingly many hotels do that - we put them onto slatted frames.
There are high quality Bonell Springs in our matresses. The cushions are made of breathable materials and the large pillow sections are covered with CFC-free foam while the underside has an additional horsehair layer. The matress covers are made from virgin wool, cotton and climate-control fibers.
The fact that our matresses are cleaned on a regular basis and are especially allergy friendly is a matter of pride on our part. To finish off your sleeping experience in our Design Hotels, we made sure to put the ideal insulation on our floors, walls and doors.

We also paid attention to the linens

As you can see, you can really let yourself go, when you stay with us. In order for your night at prizeotel Design Hotel to be wonderful, we also tried to step it up concerning the bed sheets. The luxury hotel bed sheets made of the functional fibre Tencel, which is produced from eycalyptus wood, absorbs moisture. Do you easily get cold feet? Not at our hotel. Our extra long blankets ensure that.

A bed for your back

Why are beds so important to us at prizeotel, apart from us wanting you to have a good night sleep? It´s easy: because Germans have backs! And those backs cause the N°1 national disease, 85% of all Germans will at some point suffer some kind of backproblems. This ailment causes an unpleasant experience when it comes to sleeping at a hotel. Starting the next day exhausted instead of embracing the joy of your vacation or being ready to go into a meeting with a clear head. That´s enough reason for us to make sure that we use the best quality. So go ahead and test our beds – even a princess would sleep well in them.

B like Bathroom

We´ll make you wet – really wet!

Design, functionality and service are very important aspects, when you´re booking a hotel room. Certain preferences vary individually, however most travellers will agree: that the bathroom has to be nice.

This room doesn´t only have to fulfill a certain function, but it also touches us on an emotional basis. Here we are literally naked. That is the time when one especially wants to feel comfortable. It starts at the feet. All it takes to feel cozy is to imagine warm tile beneath your bare toes. That´s why your comfort in the bathroom at prizeotel starts with a heated floor. That way you´ll stay warm after a shower in our walk-in shower with XL rain shower heads. Then our super fluffy towels await you. Not many hotels in the German hotel industry offer such luxurious high quality towels. One glance into the separate makeup mirror reveals even the smallest detail. If you want to see things that detailed in the morning, it´s up to you. We also thought about making your luggage light. Therefore you can find shampoo for hair, body and hands as well as a high quality hair blow dryer.

B like Breakfast

money for the morning meal

What´s up with the price? Of course we understand that most guests would prefer if the breaksfast wasn´t charged extra. But we also have to purchase and prepare the goods. If we included breakfast in the room rate, we´d have to push up the room prices for all of our guests, even though some guests don´t want breaksfast. That doesn´t seem fair to us. That´s why we let our guests decide and offer a really good price. If you book it while making your reservation or checking-in, it´s 11€. If you wait until the morning to decide, it will cost 16€.

B like Be happy

A day like every day – only better!

At prizeotel we want our guests to be happy. Happy at every hour of the day. We don´t only emphasize great design and a good atmosphere, practicality and service, but also fulfilling our guests' requests. We like to speak with our guests. But everything also works easily without big words: booking, checking in, feeling good, checking out. For example with our prizeotel App. Or as a guest at prizeotel Hamburg City, via Facebook chat. You write us what you need and get direct feedback.

By the way, a good mood isn´t only a marketing phrase that sounds nice, but it´s our motto. We love what we do and you can see that. Progress is a daily process for us. We improve our administrative work continuously with technological solutions, in order to have more time for what´s most important to us: our guests and personal service.

Work smart, be fair, have fun

Flexibility and responsibility are important to us. For all of our teams and every single one of us. By questioning what we do, we can optimize what we do in a continual process. That´s why we use the newest media to communicate with you. That way, we can know what you liked and maybe didn´t like.

It´s simple: When you´re happy, we´re happy!