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02. Sep 17 , Blog

Softies at prizeotel?

Hard but hearty

Breakfast at prizeotel

The question why we only offer hard boiled eggs at our super duper breakfast buffet arises on a regular basis. The thing about the softies is this: If we cook them, depending on the size, less than 6-8 minutes, we can´t assure that all of the germs have been eliminated. And even though we at prizeotel want to give you as much as possible, we most definitely don´t want to risk giving you an upset stomach. For us that´s an even more important reason to adhere to the regulations concerning eggs, egg products and the handling there of. It´s stated that raw foods – which includes soft boiled eggs – should be consumed immediately. Even the slightest health related risk for our guests is not an option for us and that´s why we´ve chosen to be rather safe than sorry and stick to hard boiled eggs.

We love eggs!

The precaution regarding the potential germs doesn´t have anything to do with the quality of our eggs. Long before it was forbidden in Europe to keep chickens in cages, we only offered eggs that came from free range chickens. On the one hand, to only offer you top quality like the rest of our breakfast buffet, and on the other hand because we like to support keeping animals in an appropriate environment. That´s why you´ll only find eggs from happy chickens at our breakfast buffet.

Not just any breakfast

The breakfast at prizeotel is important to us and it´s not economical at all, compared to the room prices. We don´t only offer a big variety, but also good quality. And we also don´t cut short on the fun, that´s assured by our good-mood-coffee choice and the nostalgic flahback goodies like the Marshmallow Squish. We carefully choose the food, preferably from local providers, our Birchermuesli is homemade and the fruit is freshly prepared on a daily basis. You can see that prizeotel breakfast offers a lot more than a typical breakfast.