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17. Apr 14 , Blog

Marshmallow Squish: The new trend for hip breakfast buffets

Squishing and squashing is more than welcomed!

Squishing and squashing is more than welcomed!

Do you remember the time you were in school? The friendships, the giggles during class and the lunchbreaks? Those times when lunch packets, made by your mom, were nothing but boring and lame? Did you also sneak out of school in order to go to the local bakery? To buy a Marshmallow Squish?

It was wonderful; the freshly cut bun with a chocolate covered marshmallow midst two cheeky halves of bread. Followed by the sweet sound of the chocolate cracking when the bun halves were firmly pressed together.
In a certain way Marshmallow Squishes are a part of childhood. Just like Ahoi-Brause. Or some french fries at the public pool. Today the sweet little buns are like a time machine. Back to the good old schooldays with just one bite. Closing your eyes and reliving what it was like back then.

This cultbun goes by many names.

You don´t know Marshmallow Squishes? Maybe it´s because of the name. The chocolate covered marshmallows inside the bun go by different names in various regions: Fortunabuns, Squished Ones, Clapbuns, Chocolatekiss-Dibbles or Sludgebuns. And then there´s also the term used in our childhood- but that expression isn´t commonly accepted anymore. And it´s good that way.


We, at prizeotel, like to carefully pay attention to what we offer our guests for breakfast. It´s supposed to be diverse. And healthy, of course! We prefer to use regional products and also like to offer homemade goods. Nevertheless we think that a little splurge should be part of our breakfast buffet. Especially if it´s this much fun. That´s why you can find Marshmallow Squishes at the breakfast buffets at all of our <LINK 1> prizeotel Economy-Design-Hotels </LINK 1>. With a guide on how to prepare them. Since we won´t be the ones keeping you from the pleasure of squeezing your own Marshmallow Squish. When you finally bite into your super delicious bun, you´ll get a wink from us, that you can be sure of. Before you open your eyes while chewing and travel from your schooldays back to the future.

Squish-it, baby! Marshmallow Squish-preperation guide

Squish-it, baby! Marshmallow Squish-preperation guide

Have you really never had a Marshmallow Squish? A good reason for a breakfast at prizeotel. If that won´t work out for you now, here´s the guide on how to build your own Marshmallow Squish:

Take a bun- a fresh bun!- and a chocolate covered marshmallow. Cut open the bread and place your chocolate covered marshmallow on the bottom half, put the other half on top and give it all you've got. Aka.: squeeze together both halves of the bread. Even if it´s hard to imagine that it´ll taste good at all... we guarantee you, it just won´t be possible to hold back a grin. It´s just way too much fun. And to be honest, always being a grown up, sometimes gets boring, right?