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07. Sep 17 , Blog, Hamburg Tip

Fischereihafen Restaurant

The Fischereihafen Restaurant in Hamburg

The Fischereihafen Restaurant is an institution in Hamburg and at the same time more popular than ever. In times dominated by hustle and bustle, slowing down the pace is important. And that is exactly what the Kowalke family has perfected. When you set foot into the restaurant located on the 2nd floor, you immediately dive into the warm atmosphere of the place. The tasteful ambiance invites you to linger for a while without appearing uncool. The breathtaking view of the Elbe and the ships passing by, a dreamlike balcony terrace, excellent service which is hard to find and of course, deliciously prepared food… all these things make the Fischerei Restaurant the best place for fish lovers from all around the world. And everybody who appreciates sophisticated food and service likes to come back here again and again. By the way, there´s a fascinating mix of people that come here. Whoever expects to see the guests dressed up in suits, will be surprised. The customers couldn´t be more diverse, but are all united through their love of hospitality.

At the Fischerei Restaurant the chéf and his team create delights from everything that has scales, crusts or shells. The menu has classical, regional dishes such as the famous smoked eel filet on top of scrambled eggs with herbs as well as modern and exotic creations.
Whoever has the impression that you have to spend big bucks at this place, once again will be surpised. Here you get a great value for your money, especially during lunchtime when guests can be delighted with a great meal for a low price. Let´s be honest, where else can you get a steamed salmon filet on top of dilled cucumbers with Pommery mustard sauce and potatoes at a top notch restaurant with a great view of the Elbe for only 13,50€ ?

Fischereihafen Restaurant

Große Elbstraße 143
22767 Hamburg