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14. Sep 17 , Blog, Bremen Tip

Bremen runs

13th swb-marthon on the 1st of October 2018


Once a year the asphalt in Bremen heats up. Not due to fast tires, but because of hot feet. Thousands of runners will participate in the swb-marathon following the motto `Nothing walks – everything runs´. The options are 10K, a half marathon or the complete 42,195K routes.

The start and finishlines are at the Bremen Roland, however the runners can see a lot of Bremen during the run. There are tough parts of the course that will make you sweat, as well as easy ones leading across the Werder lake, Schwachhausen – since that translates into `weak house´ we hope that the name won´t rub off on you – the Universum, the Bürgerpark, the Schlachte and the Weser stadium and then back to the market place.

DJs and choirs will be taking care of  the right beat alongside the course. And those that make it through the finishline will be celebrated big time.

Next to the course

Each year the organizers throw a carbohydrate-orgy, the Pasta Party. Each marathon participant gets a free voucher, their buddies can purchase one.

You can chit chat, look around and shop at the marathon-convention. From shoes to clothing and food supplements, there is everything a runner needs.

You can find all of the information about the course
and potential inconveniences for residents/visitors at