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Citynahes Budget Design-Hotel Bremen

Explore our Bremen
Those from Bremen often describe their city as “the village with the tram”. The advantage: you don’t have to travel far to explore the city: the Schnoor quarter, the historic centre, the Bremen Town Musicians...and prizeotel Bremen City is in the middle of it.
  • When the Weser stadium is sold out, more than 42,000 spectators will be cheering their team on. Four of the spectators are us, because the prizeotel team has season tickets for home games of the Bundesliga football. 
  • The arena is hard to miss when you step out the door of prizeotel Bremen City. Directly opposite you’ll find the ÖVB arena with the adjoining halls of the Exhibition Centre and Bremen Congress Centre.
  • First of all: it is NOT called Goethetheater. Even people from Bremen get that wrong. The Theater am Goetheplatz is the biggest stage in Bremen and is located at the eastern end of the ramparts.
  • One of the most visited museums in Germany is the Ethnological Museum, close to the main train station in Bremen.
  • August
    • AUG 03
      Weser Stadion
      Tag der Fans
      Die Werder Bremen Bundesliga-Mannschaft wird vorgestellt
    • AUG 09
      PS Boliden an der Waterfront - Promenade
      Rund 1.000 amerikanische Straßenkreuzer rollen zum fünften US-Car-Treffen an die Waterfront
    • AUG 30
      Weser Stadion
      Werder Bremen vs. Hoffenheim
      Erstes Heimspiel des SV Werder Bremens in der Bundesliga Saison 2014/2015
    • AUG 31
      Gernot Hassknecht
      "Das Hassknecht-Prinzip – in zwölf Schritten zum Choleriker".

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